Creative ideas

This if u want to draw with h me as I post video and draw out methods to leave a how to draw process for every one to participate so I can learn and get to know u

authentic sketches


“Ruff sketch and idea” make it readable reason for digitalizing the sketch.

Emphasize on the meaning of the design

These are refrences of what is a authentic sketch

Creative Process

purchase the original sketch with a offer or biding system at the end of the process
Creating virity to pic from as you go

Less is better

“Finish Drawing “
Step 1 to finishing your vision
Step 2 to finishing your vision

Creative Process

Almost finish




Donald Miller jr. This was my idea so I drew a pencil with an parachute and later to come up with the digitalized version of branding my company by using the name of the creator all threw it DONMILLER/DESIGNS


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  1. Yes I am ‘millerjr’

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